A man on “Top of the World” still struggles with why his dad left him!

James LeBronLeBron James, four-time NBA MVP, has not forgotten the gift of his mother Gloria who chose life and gave birth to him as a single mom at the age of 16 and raised him to be the man he is today. LeBron also sharing his still-hurting soul in an Instagram post remembering the father he never had: The man who chose to walk away and leave his mom and him to wade life’s challenges on their own.

Kudos to LeBron James and his mother Gloria for rising above their challenges and not making excuses. LeBron today takes his parenting responsibilities to heart. He is a devoted father in spite of the man who chose to walk away and not teach his son lessons in love.

Fathers and potential fathers everywhere: take note! Your presence is important and necessary. Children need a mother and a father. The wounds left behind when one or another is absent lay raw even years into adulthood.

One Response to “A man on “Top of the World” still struggles with why his dad left him!”

  1. Dr Randy April 21, 2014 at 7:55 pm #

    I hope Lebron continues to be a responsible father. It is hard to do longterm without being raised with an example. If he is able to break that cycle until his children are grown, my hat will be off to him

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