Are you Pro-life? What About Your Pediatrician?

At first, the question of having a pro-life pediatrician might seem inconsequential.  After all, isn’t the doctor just there to give checkups and shots and make sure your child is healthy?  What does it matter if your pediatrician is or isn’t pro-life?

Here are some thoughts suggested by pediatrician and ACPeds Member Dr. Patty June, “First, prior to birth, if your baby is diagnosed with an abnormality, whether it will result in a normal life-span or a much shortened-lifespan, a pro-life pediatrician can give you support in your desire to give your baby the best life possible, and to care for your child for as many days as its Creator gives it, until natural death.  He or she can help you stand against pressure to shorten your baby’s lifespan.

“Second, at birth, should you go into very early labor around the limits of viability, your pro-life pediatrician can advocate with you to the obstetricians and neonatologists to give your baby every chance.  Third, when your child approaches adolescence, pro-life pediatricians are far more likely than those who condone abortion to recognize the adolescent’s need of a parent’s guidance and your need to know what is going on with your teen. Those who condone abortion often start talking to children as young as 11 about confidentiality – that is, keeping their discussions and even prescriptions and referrals secret from their parents.  They may express acceptance and expectation of teen sexual activity and promote contraceptives.  If your teen is sexually active or using drugs, you will not be told, and if pregnant, they may refer her for an abortion.

“If your pediatrician is pro-life, they will generally not promise confidentiality from parents and will assist your child in telling you about the risks they are taking.  A pro-life pediatrician will promote the best for children – that is, sexual abstinence until marriage – and will support your values.  If pregnant, he or she will assist your child in telling you and refer her to a pro-life obstetrician and to a pregnancy care center.”

Choosing a doctor is one of the most important decisions you will make.  You want a doctor who is competent, personable, and easy to talk to and understand.  You want someone who will listen to you, answer questions, and help you to make important decisions.  You don’t usually think to find out about a doctor’s moral beliefs, but in the case of your child’s pediatrician, this seems to be a critical consideration.

If you’re interested in finding an ACPeds pediatrician in your area, visit out contact page at and send us a message with your name and zip code and we’ll send you a list of ACPeds pediatricians in your area. 

For more information on our pro-life views, please visit the ACPeds page on life issues or look below for some of our pro-life position statements:

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