At a Pediatric Conference

Almost the entire room of 370 pediatricians erupted in applause.  Moments before, a young woman had rushed to the speaker at a podium.  The speaker paused his lecture to read the note, and then pumped his arm in victory.  With his face raised in an exultant rictus, he announced “We have won!  Plan B will now be available to young girls over the counter.” 

I am currently attending a five day intensive review of pediatrics.  The conference attendees claim to have devoted their careers to helping children.  That is why I sat in shock as so many around me cheered this announcement.  Can anyone actually believe that removing barriers to teen sexual activity is in the best interest of children?  Many of these same people applauding the unrestricted use of Plan B will soon be tasked to deal with the consequences.  Who will pay for the rise in STDs and other consequences likely to be caused by this decision?  Oh…..I forgot….we now have ObamaCare.

2 Responses to “At a Pediatric Conference”

  1. Nancy Weres, MD June 24, 2013 at 6:16 pm #

    Now young teens who are being exploited by older men and those being sex trafficked will receive Plan B repeatedly. Even Secretary Kathleen “Some will live and some will die” Sebelius was against this. I think these young female pediatricians who applaud this policy are victims of Stockholm Syndrome.

  2. Randolph Matthews July 13, 2013 at 10:27 pm #

    Have we really forgotten that as pediatricians, our job is to help keep children healthy and alleviate pain. Increasing teen pregnancy goes against both those goals

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