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The Destiny of Humanity: Part 1

There is an interesting YouTube video series entitled “The Destiny of Humanity.” We wish to use this video series to provide a great insight into marriage and its many aspects. In part 1, people from many cultures discuss the importance of marriage and what it means to them. One piece of advice that stood out […]

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Tradition, Tradition!

Are you all singing the song from “Fiddler on the Roof” now? You are welcome! 🙂 What makes traditions so important that a song had to be written about them? According to a website devoted to work-at-home moms,   “Family traditions bring a sense of   belongingness, commitment and familiarity with each other. They also […]

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Does this shirt make me look fat?

Our daughter tends to think about things a little differently and in a way that makes us wonder if she really is an 8 yr old girl, or an adult trapped inside an 8 yr old body. Her latest thing is about what she is willing, and unwilling, to wear each day. Despite her young […]

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Cohabitation Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

With its position statement, Cohabitation, the American College of Pediatricians cautions adolescents and young adults about the negative consequences of cohabitation for both themselves and their children, and urges parents to teach their children about the advantages of waiting until marriage. Research shows that, rather than serving as a stepping stone to a healthy marriage, […]

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Let Them Be Little!

I had heard this song a while back that immediately brought tears to my eyes. Billy Dean’s “Let Them Be Little” is a perfect description of what parenting SHOULD be like and what children SHOULD be like. As I take a gander of society these days, I feel like children are growing up too fast. […]

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Can you fall in love again?

I faintly remember a discussion with my mom many years ago about marital problems. She told me there seemed to be something that happened around anniversaries #5-7. Couples were no longer in the “honeymoon phase” and often found themselves with discussions about divorce. After my own observations and research, I realized that after being married […]

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Get Down on the Floor!

Though I cannot remember when and where I was given this piece of advice, I feel strongly to share it with you. Get down on the floor and play with your kids. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? The reason I loved this bit so much was because of the reason it stuck with me. Being […]

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What Marriage is All About

Before reading the following post, I encourage you to watch this short video clip from a show we all used to watch and love: Mrs. Huxtable gave Elvin a great piece of advice about marriage. It is about each person giving 50/50. At different points in my own marriage, I have been given a […]

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Find a Hobby!

We often have dreams and plans for our children and their futures. Life alters those plans, despite our efforts to keep them on the right track. A great way to encourage our children to make better choices and be involved with good people is to let them find a hobby. An Australian parenting website, found […]

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Divorce is NOT the best solution

The American College of Pediatricians urges parents in troubled marriages to make every effort to heal their relationship and preserve the marriage. In the position statement, The Impact of Family Structure on the Health of Children: Effects of Divorce, the College calls attention to the negative impact of divorce on children, parents and society as […]

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