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COVID-19 Pediatric Update, 05.01.2020

View or download a pdf version. We hope that you are doing well in these trying times. The following information is provided to give you the latest update about the science behind this novel viral pandemic, along with references for those more academically inclined. The information from our original 3/16/20 and 4/1/20 handouts are still […]

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COVID-19 Pediatric Handout Update

  As more data comes in and the situation actively changes, we at ACPeds are dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest information in pediatrics amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

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Growing Independence in Your Child

It is important to foster independence in your child. Children are more likely to succeed and accomplish their goals when you help them build up their confidence and ability to make good decisions on their own.  Parents have a responsibility to provide children the physical and emotional ability to succeed. “Your responsibilities include providing your […]

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The Balance of Yes’s and No’s

“Saying ‘no’ limits conversation and so if you say ‘no’ too often, your children may stop asking. Saying ‘no’ may become ineffective if overused, and it often leads to a power struggle.”3  Saying ‘yes’, all the time, however, can prevent your children from learning discipline, respect, and boundaries. It can cause your life to go […]

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Register for Virtual AAPLOG & ACPeds National Conference & Information about ACPeds Virtual Board Meeting

  In an effort to still provide all registrants with the exclusive content of the meeting and grant enduring continuing medical education credits, we are diligently working to convert the conference to an online platform. If you had not originally registered for the conference, but would like to now, registration is still open! Register for […]

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March 2020 Board of Directors Meeting

The ACPeds Board of Directors will be meeting Friday, March 27th via Zoom as a virtual meeting. All ACPeds members are invited to attend. For more information, contact Executive Administrator, Krystle Hunter at or by tel. 352-376-1877 If you are already scheduled to attend and need assistance for technical support, please contact Rachel by […]

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AAPLOG & ACPeds Joint National Conference Update

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the joint National Conference between AAPLOG & ACPeds has been canceled. In an effort to still provide all registrants with the exclusive content of the meeting, we are diligently working to convert the conference to an online platform. Please download the cancellation letter for more information and to use as […]

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How To Build Parent to Child Relationships

“In a study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family Values, 680 married couples were examined for signs of attachment/detachment behaviors within their relationship.  Research showed that many individuals who had depression, anxiety and detachment behaviors had previously experienced detached childhood relationships with their parent(s). This history had a high correlation of depression and […]

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How Parents Can Strengthen Sibling Bonds

Parents have a lot of influence and responsibility over sibling-to-sibling relationships. While it is ultimately between the children to have a strong connection, parents can guide and nourish that relationship from an early age. Here are some ways that parents can do this:   Encourage Activities That Both Children Like  Kids are usually open to […]

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Handling Insecurities

Insecurities seem to be a part of every person’s life to some degree. More often than not, social media is attached to this struggle. “It’s important to remember that just posting edited pictures online or pretending your life is a little more glamorous than it is, is not in and of itself a problem,” says […]

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