Benefits of Extended Family


The extended family can be a blessing for a family. The extended family consists of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

The best memories I have growing up consist of my grandparents watching me. In the days when I would sleep over, I would get scared and end up sleeping on the floor of my grandparents room. Even after growing up and my parents divorced, my grandparents were willing to have me and my siblings live with them. Although these were hard times, many blessings came from having extended family. I grew up spending time in the backyard of my grandparents picking raspberries, playing in the sandbox, building spaceships with my cousins out of plastic chairs, and camping in a tent in the backyard with my cousins making silly recordings on my mp3.

Spending time with people who love them in addition to their parents is empowering and uplifting for kids.

There are so many reasons why extended family is important:

  1. Extra support when in crisis
  2. Makes lasting memories
  3. When divorce or separation happens children have extra family members for love and
  4. Family Law Nova Scotia says, “Members of the extended family can provide stability and continuity in the children’s lives.”
  5. “According to the article “Grandparents and the Extended Family” at, the exposure to different interests and ideas can teach children important lessons that parents may not be able to teach their children”
  6. Grandparents have an extra meaning and purpose in their life when they have grandchildren.
  7. You can learn life stories and lessons from extended family members.
  8. If you live far away from extended family Skype or other form of video chat is great. Some people blog daily just for their family.
  9. Helps understand health problems. Looking at family health history helps determine whether some things are genetic and if the child is more prone to get diabetes, cancer or anything else that affects health.

When kids can go with members of their extended family and be loved and cherished, and then come home to more people who love them, they are more connected to the love and goodness in humanity and better able to live positive and productive lives. 

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