Booty duty

surprised boyOne of the more frustrating pests parents deal with is the dreaded pinworm.  Even pediatricians’ kids are prone seeing as how they are no less likely to play in the dirt and put those same dirty hands in their mouths throughout the day.  Soon they’re scratching their backsides before bed and, following a quick peek to verify the diagnosis, it’s off to the drugstore to pick up the appropriate prescription.  Even with proper treatment, however, the itch doesn’t disappear over night and I recall one such evening when this particular son of mine was in just such a predicament.  Now, one of the time-saving moves my wife and I came up with over the years was to place a toothbrush for each child in both their usual bathroom and our own, since you never could predict where they might be come bedtime. As I entered my room to gather up the little ones for bed my then three year old passed me by with the business end of a toothbrush shoved up his you-know-what.  Though his pajama bottoms were in their proper position it still made for an amusing if somewhat disturbing sight. Not one to let a teaching moment go by, I quickly chimed in with “Matthew, you’re not supposed to scratch your booty with your toothbrush”.  To which he promptly replied with an innocent smile on his face: “it’s not my toothbrush, Dad…it’s yours.”

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