College Applauds NFL’s No Tolerance Policy to Pot

The Marijuana Policy Project confirmed that five pro-marijuana billboards will appear around the Super Bowl stadium on Sunday advocating for the NFL to allow players to use the drug.  The American College of Pediatricians has made it clear that promoting the myth of marijuana as “safe” in any venue, let alone via multiple billboards at the Super Bowl, is a harmful and potentially deadly message especially for children.

College Vice President Michelle Cretella, MD, states, “These marijuana advocates are pushing a form of smoking that is scientifically much worse than cigarettes for our children’s health, and for our future healthcare dollars! How many billions have been spent on health complications from addictive tobacco products and how many billions have been spent on campaigns to get people to quit? Now these advocates want to open the floodgates to a more addictive, harmful, and well-recognized gateway drug: Marijuana. That’s just wrong!”

Millions of families and adolescents around the world watch the Super Bowl. Children and adolescents look up to NFL players as role models. It is not appropriate to encourage NFL players to use and perhaps even promote the recreational use of marijuana. Shame on the Marijuana Policy Project, and the NFL if it approves marijuana use.

For more information, read the College position statement, Marijuana Legislation Protects Children.