Encouragement for Parents

Screaming ChildWe’ve all heard them. We’ve all seen them. They can be loud, disruptive – even annoying sometimes. It happens in restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, and church meetings. You know what I am talking about: Children! They seem to be everywhere! They make messes, scream in high pitches, and run around like little tornados wreaking havoc of all kinds. Rather than making snide comments or giving glares of disgust, I propose a different approach. Tell me what you think!

Instead of judging the parent(s) for their inability to correctly discipline, tell them they are brave for what they are doing. Give them a pat on the back. Instead of reaching for the nearest set of earplugs, give those children a smile and be grateful that they are healthy and active.

Children have to learn how to behave properly in society. They aren’t born with that knowledge (though that would make our job as parents easier!). A parent can teach a child everything they need to know. However, unless they are given opportunities to practice that knowledge, it won’t mean anything. Children have to go out into society to learn what is appropriate. So instead of acting annoyed that there are children in the grocery store, be proud of those parents. They are doing their best to teach their children what is appropriate behavior in various environments. Expect mishaps and rowdy behavior sometimes. Be happy to help and give the parents an encouraging smile. We all need each other’s support!

And parents if you are seeking advice, visit this page on the College website, Discipline of the Child.


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  1. Cortina October 3, 2015 at 11:45 am #

    That’s a creative answer to a difficult question.

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