Family Finances

family financesMy husband and I discussed finances a lot over the duration of our courtship and engagement. We came from different financial backgrounds with parents who dealt with finances contrastingly. Because of this our financial perspectives did not line up. My husband is very conservative with money whereas I’m more of a flyer. By gaining knowledge and experience and by vowing to be equal partners in finances, we have been able to get on the same page about money.

Why is it so important for couples to see eye to eye when it comes to finances? According to the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysis, money issues are the third leading cause of all divorces. We don’t need research to tell us how serious money issues can be though. The proof is all around us. The best thing you can do to overcome financial stress in marriage is to be flexible and willing to see eye to eye with your partner and be able to set money goals and expectations together. The first step you can take is to learn each other’s money personalities. You can find them out at

Whether your money personalities are similar or contrasting, you can work together to build an enduring life together. There are still times when my husband and I struggle with finances. We play the “my money, your money” game which only leads to contention. The point is to never give up though.

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