Final advice on studying and time saving

My son asked me once about my college kidnapping experience that he had heard of.  I REALLY did have a set schedule of being at the library when it opened and being there until it closed with very brief breaks for meals (often missed) and classes.  I had just finished a major tough exam and my friends were surprised that I was BACK in the library working on a biology paper not due for a month (and it was a Friday).  So….they kidnapped me.  Complete with blindfold.  They put me in a car and drove me to Lake Tillary where one of my friend’s families had a vacation home.  They led me into a boat late that night.  It was so dark on the lake that you couldn’t see where the horizon began and the lake ended.  With almost NO manmade light pollution, the sky was filled with millions of stars that reflected on the water.  The Hallelujah chorus was booming out of a tape player and it looked as if the boat was thrumming through the water and into the sky.  I had not yet learned the military saying “Don’t run when you can walk, Don’t walk when you can stand, Don’t stand when you can sit.  Don’t sit when you can lie down.”  It actually was difficult for me to learn to relax but I had a nice weekend with friends and somehow STILL managed to make it into medical school.

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