Find a Hobby!

Wchild athletee often have dreams and plans for our children and their futures. Life alters those plans, despite our efforts to keep them on the right track. A great way to encourage our children to make better choices and be involved with good people is to let them find a hobby.

An Australian parenting website, found at, had an article about the importance of extracurricular activities in the lives of teens. This article states the following:

“Taking part in extracurricular activities can:

  • give your child a chance to try a range of activities and explore where her strengths lie
  • boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence
  • give your child a sense of achievement
  • reduce risky behaviour – for example, the positive connections made through these activities can protect against underage drinking
  • promote good mental health
  • help your child work out who she is
  • help your child learn to handle responsibility
  • develop your child’s skills in planning and taking initiative
  • help your child learn how to regulate her emotions
  • help your child learn to overcome tough times, which in turn can help your child succeed academically.”

It will take time to chauffeur kids to various activities and attend performances or games. However, nothing will make you feel happier than seeing your child find something in life that they enjoy and in which they can excel. Sometimes this process occurs through trial and error. Given the opportunity, teenagers will be able to thrive and find themselves which will put them on a path of happiness and success.


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