fireI was a young child playing Cowboys and Indians with my friend down the street. At the same moment I shot my cap gun, I heard a siren. I looked down the street and saw a fire truck pulling into my driveway and flames pouring out of the back of my house.

My two year old twin sisters had been sent to their room for a nap. They didn’t want to go to sleep, and instead quietly played with the lamp in their room. Somehow they created a short and started the house on fire.

Fortunately everyone got out safely. My mom says that after she got everyone out of the house, she called my dad to let him know what was happening. The receptionist at his office explained that dad had given instructions not to be disturbed.  “Ok,” she said “when he gets free, let him know his house is on fire!” Then she hung up the phone.

The receptionist didn’t interrupt dad. She let him know what was going on as soon as he was free.  And he dropped everything and came home.

So, watch out for twins – they really are double trouble! And make arrangements to respond to your family when they call you at work!

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