Further advice on studying and time saving

Getting through college and medical school requires a lot of study.  Learning to use your time efficiently is critical. That is why I instructed my son on many time saving methods of which most people are not aware.   For one thing, people just do not realize how much time is lost due to blowing your nose when you have a cold.  Blowing your nose entails looking for a handkerchief/tissue and freeing a hand.  That very hand could have been used to highlight text or turn a page.  Instead, learn to SNIFF really really hard.  It also makes you feel less hungry so you don’t have to break for meal time.  And remember, hiccups are for losers.  If you have time to hiccup, then you have too much time.

Of course to really study efficiently, everyone needs some relaxation.  Yet that takes time.  However even relaxation can be done efficiently.  You just need to do it in concentrated form.  If listening to music relaxes you:  Instead of listening to one song, listen to 4-5 simultaneously!

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