When was the last time you saw a news article encouraging couples to have 3 or more children?   This thought came to me one day in clinic when I saw a particularly smiley mom and her three children.  I recalled a chapter from the Birth Order Book and seemed to remember that 3rd born children tend to be more laid back.  They bring something extra to a family (as do subsequent children).  Factbook on my iPhone tells me that the fertility rate in the US is now at 2.06.    This is the average number of children born per woman.  We rank 121st in the world.   This number ranges from as high as 7.52 in Niger to as low as 0.78 in Singapore.    These numbers are referred to as Fertility rate.  Somehow I just cannot believe that  women from Niger are that more fertile than those in Singapore.    All of that aside,  I continued my study of smiles and consistently noted that there are more smiles the more children there are in the family.   There seems to be some tacit belief that countries that have more children are full of sad people that only wish their fertility rate was not so high and that those of us from “enlightened” countries should intervene and cause a reduction in the fertility rate.    Since almost everyone can agree that this world could use many more smiles, I would like to do the politically incorrect – and recommend that parents consider raising our fertility rate in this country to at least 3!   Ancient writings say, “Happy is the man whose quiver is full.”  This refers to having many children.  In honor of the recent Mother’s Day and of the upcoming Father’s Day (June  16), I say be fruitful and multiply! See this post from a colleague: Are you done yet?

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  1. Randolph Matthews July 13, 2013 at 10:25 pm #

    I so agree. This blog is very well worded. I wish I had written it myself. As pediatricians, we all should believe that children are a gift from the Lord.

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