Harvey Milk a hero – really?

The state of California recently came up with a new state holiday:  Harvey Milk Day.  The US postal service even came up with a Harvey Milk commemorative postage stamp.  So….Who was Harvey Milk?  The short answer is that he was a San Francisco city commissioner.  He became famous for being one of the first openly homosexual candidates to achieve public office.  Therefore, he has become a hero to the homosexual movement.  However, if you look deeper, things become very worrisome.  Mr. Milk was also a rapist with a preference for underage boys that had substance abuse problems.  He apparently considered himself a mentor to these young boys.  He would encourage them to (among other things) run away from home.  One of his victims, Jack McKinley, unwisely listened to and followed  the” wit and wisdom” of Mr. Milk.  Years later, McKinley committed suicide presumably because of his angst  about his experiences with this  pederast.
What does it say about a movement, when it pulls its heroes from the ranks of people like Harvey Milk?

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