Health Care Delivery

My good friend Jim retired from the State Department after serving for many years. One of his chief responsibilities was making sure that animals destined for human consumption did not transmit any infectious diseases to humans.  He has worked in many countries and also worked for a spell at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

In the course of his career he has had an opportunity to study many health care delivery systems. He observes that no matter what health care delivery system, the system delivers care on two tiers. The upper tier is reserved for those who are favored. In the United States, that tier is comprised of those who have private health insurance. In Britain and other countries that provide universal healthcare, the upper tier is comprised of those who have connections.  How can that be? It is human nature. Generally those who are politically connected or have a personal relationship with an influential physician or healthcare administrator get top tier care.

Given the veracity of the observation that no system of healthcare delivery exists that does not have two (or more) tiers of delivery, I think the system of private health insurance is superior to a universal healthcare system provided by the government. What do you think?

2 Responses to “Health Care Delivery”

  1. Quentin Van Meter September 19, 2013 at 1:31 pm #

    I prefer a one-tiered private system. Its what we do now at our office- no patient, regardless of their insurance (private or Medicaid) or self pay gets any different quality of health care. It is all top tier. What screws up my plan is the regulation that is the core of the Obamacare system: I will have to provide the care prescribed by such institutions as the IOM or I will be fined, have my license revoked, or be jailed, or perhaps all three. All the focus is on the insurance part, which is not inconsequential, but the regulatory part and the rationing will prevent me from practicing the art.

  2. Dr Randy April 21, 2014 at 7:38 pm #

    Actually , we should have TRUE insurance. True insurance is only for catastrophic or big expenses. Not for routine maintenance (we don’t use car insurance to pay for gas, oil changes, new tires etc.) The best system would be self pay for minor and routine things (well checks, colds, ear infections) and insurance to pay for hospitalizations, surgery and the like. The absolute WORST system is to have the government involved

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