imagineOne night, during a visit to New York City, my family was walking along the western edge of Central Park with some college friends of mine who had moved to Manhattan many years earlier. We stopped at an intersection along the way and my friend pointed out that we were just a few yards away from the spot where John Lennon was killed some 32 years earlier.

One of Lennon’s most famous songs is “Imagine.”  It’s a beautiful tune that somewhat sums up the liberal mantra of the 60s & 70s:  “imagine there’s no heaven…no hell below us, above us only sky.”  It was during this period that America started moving away from a country of faith toward a more secular state.  The idea, according to Lennon, was that without a god to distract them, one that compelled people to fight and kill, there would be a “brotherhood of man” because people would be “living for today.”

I think John Lennon got it wrong. Right outside our hotel window was a huge billboard for a popular soft drink filled with pictures of scantily clad women and depicting heavy duty partying.  There were only three words in the ad:  Live For Now.  You see, when God is removed from the picture, something else must fill the void.  John Lennon “imagined” that it would be love and brotherhood.  That’s not likely.

G. K. Chesterton said that the only truly provable theological teaching is the fact of Original Sin.  When left to his own ways, man lives not for others but for himself. If peace and brotherhood are what liberals are looking for, they would be better off hoping for an increase, rather than a decrease in faith.  Imagine that.

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