Incompatible with Life

baby in handThe phrase “Incompatible with Life” has been used to describe “unborn children that may have a life-limiting condition”. This is NOT a medical term (given that ANY unborn child, regardless of their prognosis, is obviously a human life) and parents who are struggling with this are wanting this term to be changed. Parents dealing with the prognosis of a stillborn baby or an early death after delivery have a difficult enough situation to deal with. Using words as heartless and unapologetic as “incompatible with life” to label such tiny, helpless human beings seems like a disservice to those parents who are dealing with one of the most difficult things they could ever experience.

To see what some parents are saying, go to their facebook page. Read their stories and feel of their heartache.

In an effort to abandon this phrase from any medical records and/or conversation, click here and sign the petition! Every voice makes a difference and every signature gets us closer to supporting those parents that have to go through these unfortunate events.

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