It’s All Good

Long ago, in a kingdom far away, there lived a kindly king and his prime minister. Whenever news of any sort was presented to the prime minister he would always say, “It is for the best, it was meant to happen that way.” The king didn’t object to this characterization as the kingdom was doing well.

thumbOne day the king, on an accident, amputated his thumb. News of this was brought to the prime minister who responded as he always does and said, “It is for the best, it was meant to happen that way.” The king was outraged when he heard of the prime minister’s pronouncement and ordered the prime minister thrown into the dungeon. This was done promptly and the prime minister remained in the dungeon until…

Many months later, the king decided to take two of his closest advisors and go hunting. As they pursued a deer, the group inadvertently strayed into the neighboring kingdom in which lived cannibals. They were captured. The cannibals had a ritual when preparing to eat. The “food” was placed alive over a pile of wood. A medicine man would then perform a ceremony “blessing” the “food” and would then set the wood on fire. He did this for both of the king’s advisors. When he came to the king, he stopped abruptly and said, “We can’t eat this food. He is missing a thumb and it is our practice to eat only complete humans, not humans who are missing thumbs or any other body part.” The medicine man ordered the king freed and it was done.

When the king returned to his kingdom, he immediately released the prime minister. He praised him for his wisdom regarding his amputated thumb. “But tell me,” he asked, “what was so good about your time spent in the dungeon?” The prime minister responded, “It is for the best, it was meant to happen that way. If I wasn’t in the dungeon, I would have been on the hunting trip and I have both thumbs.”

It is hard to be always cheerful and is unrealistic to always think, “It is for the best, it was meant to happen that way.” On the other hand, seeing things in a positive light and making the best of bad circumstances has been shown to increase health and well-being. So be of good cheer!

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