Let Them Be Little!

I had heard this song a while back that immediately brought tears to my eyes. Billy Dean’s “Let Them Be Little” is a perfect description of what parenting SHOULD be like and what Child paintingchildren SHOULD be like. As I take a gander of society these days, I feel like children are growing up too fast. Are we letting our children take the time to enjoy being young before we hurry them off into the adult world full of responsibilities? Are we, as parents, taking the time to enjoy our children while they are little? Granted, having kids can be hard, trying and sometimes downright frustrating. I think that if we take the time to enjoy those little giggles, cuddles after a nightmare , and wild imaginations, our lives will be filled so many more memories and happy times.

Take just a few minutes from your day and listen to this song by Billy Dean. Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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