Make more bricks with less straw

My self-imposed goal is to get 200 hours of CME each year.  My state only requires fifty credits every 2 years.  I have my goal because I think it takes that much for me to keep up adequately and help me provide the best care for children.  However the MOC (Maintenance of Certification) requirements provide a huge barrier.  I have always participated in quality control programs.  Part 4 of the MOC now requires hours of my time in order for me to document what I am already doing.  Wasting time like that makes it harder than ever for me to continue to reach my personal goal of CME.  Likewise the government-imposed EHR (Electronic Health Records) makes visits take almost twice as long as when I used a more efficient paper system.  In this time of shrinking reimbursements, adding these extra time drains and expecting us to continue to provide quality care is unreasonable.  I feel like the children of Israel when they were told to make more bricks with less straw.

2 Responses to “Make more bricks with less straw”

  1. Random Pediatrician August 25, 2013 at 7:23 pm #

    In the meantime, all the easy visits like strep throat go to the Minute Clinic and we get left with chronic abdominal pain, headaches and fatigue!

  2. Den August 28, 2013 at 9:55 pm #

    As a busy pediatrician, I feel the same. The AAP MOC program burdens the physician with time-consuming busy work, yet provides no objective evidence that this time commitment will result in improved quality of care. Show us the evidence-based reasons for participating!

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