monsterI think every child has that stage where they are afraid of the dark because of monsters either under their bed or in their closet.  I remember when that happened to my son.  He wanted me to check in his closet for monsters whenever he woke up.  From his fertile imagination, he would describe these monsters in great detail.   Finally I came upon an idea to make a monster-avoidance device which is guaranteed to keep all monsters at least 5 miles away.  We took a shoe box and some CHRISTmas lights.  I poked holes in the box, lined them with aluminum foil and poked the lights through the holes.  My son decorated the box with crayons, tape, glue, buttons, glitter and anything else we had around.  The more he worked on it, the more convinced he was that it would work.  The more he colored, taped and glued, the stronger the protection became (in his mind).  He plugged it up himself each night until that stage passed.  I thought it was neat that now, instead of his imagination bringing up scary monsters, his imagination was protecting him from fear.  I wonder whatever happened to that monster avoidance device?

One Response to “Monsters”

  1. Alfred E. Neuman June 10, 2014 at 8:11 pm #

    Do you think I could use the Christmas tree lights in a tinfoil box to keep me from getting scared when I think about the US Government taking over healthcare?

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