On sending a child off to college

One of the toughest parts of parenthood is the transition stage of letting children go. I remember how painful it was to send my son away to college. It was a thirteen hour drive to take him through the West Virginia hills and into Pennsylvania to drop him off. We got him settled in his new room after meeting his roommate. Then there was an awkward silence. There was nothing more that we could do and yet he could not get on with his new life until we left. Leaving was like suddenly ripping a bandage off an old wound. It had to be done but it was best done quickly so we cranked the car and took off, being as stoic as possible. It was one of the most painful times of my life. On the bright side though, we made much better time coming home. Cars just kept pulling to the side to let us pass. It wasn’t until several hours later when my voice gave way that I realized other cars stopped mistaking my wailing for a siren. Still, I couldn’t just abandon my son to the tough world. I eventually sent him advice on how to succeed in college and medical school. More to come…

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