The Family Table

Research has revealed many benefits for family members (parents and children) who eat meals together on a regular basis.  These benefits include healthier eating habits, less obesity, better family communication, fewer behavioral problems, less television watching, less stress, better school performance, and a lower risk of substance abuse.  The following suggestions will help you create a healthy family table in your home.

  • Eat together as a FAMILY whenever you can, but at least one meal a day.
  • Designate a LOCATION for eating meals. The kitchen table is a great gathering place..
  • Serve a healthful VARIETY of foods. Avoid short-order cooking.
  • TURN OFF the TV and all personal electronic devices (cell phone, tablet).
  • Encourage PLEASANT and respectful conversation and discussion of issues.
  • Require that EVERYONE STAYS at the table until everyone has finished eating and sharing.
  • ENJOY the moment; don’t rush the meal.

For more information, read our statement on the Benefits of the Family Table.

For practical information, read our parent handout on How to Have a Healthy Family Table.

The Family Table

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