Sexual Activity Among Youth

The decision to engage in sexual activity is one of the most important decisions a youth will make.  Unlike other voluntary activities, sexual activity has powerful effects upon each participant’s mind, emotions and physical body.  This decision can have life-long consequences ─ positive and negative.

With the onset of puberty comes a natural interest in and attraction for sexual activity.  Procreation and the propagation of human kind are rooted in this normal and natural drive.  The adolescent is confronted with the potentially life-changing decision of whether and when to indulge or resist this drive. This decision will be influenced by many factors in the child’s life, such as peer pressure, the entertainment media, societal standards, parental modeling, socioeconomic environment, and sex education at school and in the home.  The typical teen will ask, “Should I engage in sex recreationally to satisfy this drive, or is there any reason to save this pleasure for a greater purpose later in life.”  The answer to this question has individual and even societal consequences.

Sexual Activity

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Parent Resources

Parents often feel ill-equipped to address the topic of human sexuality with their children. Hesitation in addressing this area can lead to confusion and misdirection for the child. The following resources will help assist any parent to confidently inform their child.