Picking the “right” answer

I once heard a sermon about a moral man that went through the streets of an evil city preaching that folks should repent and start living right.  At first he was barely listened to.  Later he was tolerated.  Eventually he was ridiculed almost everywhere he went.  One time a person went to him and asked “why do you keep wasting your time preaching to these folks?  Do you seriously think that you are going to change them?”  The moral man answered.  “Once upon a time, I DID preach hoping to change them.  Now I preach so that they will not change ME”.

In a previous blog, I wrote that I had to pick what I thought was a morally wrong answer for my recertification test.  That bothered me because “If you do that kind of thing enough, the morally wrong answer becomes more acceptable to you.”  We like to think good of ourselves.  Therefore, we often spend a lot of mental energy trying to convince ourselves that whatever we do is good….or at least not too bad.  It is hard wired into our psyche.  Therefore when we are forced to pick answers that are neither moral nor in the best interest of children, it has an effect on us.  The way to fight back is to work harder to promote what is good and true.  If we can’t win, at least we can protect ourselves.

God calls us not to be successful, but to be faithful (by doing what we can!)‏
—-Mother Teresa

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  1. LH August 20, 2013 at 1:15 pm #

    A good quote I read supports these thoughts, “If you are not on guard against evil you’ll be influenced by evil.” (author unknown)

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