Today, my nurse’s son goes in for surgery.  Eleven year old Slayton has alveolar sarcoma (a rare type of soft tissue cancer) in his leg.  Slayton’s  mom has been out from work for over a week now due to this scary event.  Understandably, she is too upset to be able to function and  she needs to be present for her family.
We have so many battles to face these days:  Obamacare, Maintenance of Certification, political correctness to  the point of harming children, overly stringent CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) regulations etc.  Sometimes in the heat of the battle and in our frustration, it is easy to forget why we actually practice pediatrics.  An event like this, at least for me, causes me to refocus on why we do what we do.  For those of you that have children that are home and healthy, I urge you to give thanks and give them a little extra hug.  Try to look at the kids that you see everyday through the eyes of a worried parent.  And…..if you think of it, Slayton and  his family could use your  prayers.

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