Reputation vs. Reality

On a recent visit to San Francisco we got to ride the famous cable cars.  However there were problems.  Although they are supposed to arrive every 5-7 minutes, we waited at one stop for half an hour.  Finally we decided to walk a stop in the direction of our destination.  We waited again yet no cable car arrived.  We kept doing that until we arrived at our destination by walking (no small feat considering the hills).  There were other times when cable cars would just bypass a stop because they were too full so they wouldn’t let you on.  A cable car ride costs $6/ride for each person.   In our experience, it was cheaper, more comfortable, more dependable and faster to hire a taxi that would take you to the door rather than stand in a crowded cable car that took you within a few blocks of your destination.  Despite the fame and reputation, we found cable cars were an expensive, crowded, uncomfortable and undependable method of transportation compared to the area taxis.    Yet cable cars have the reputation of being the best way to travel the city.  This knowledge put me in mind of a pediatric organization that purports to support children.  This organization encourages the adoption of children by homosexual couples despite studies demonstrating that children raised in this environment have higher rates of mental health problems.  This same organization demonizes corporal punishment despite studies showing benefits when done appropriately.  This same organization actually supported female circumcisions until public outcry made then back down.  In contradistinction, the American College of Pediatricians, supported by scientific evidence, supports the ideal of a two parent married family including a mother and a father.  The child’s right to a healthful supportive family trumps the right of adults to do what they want. Likewise the American College of Pediatricians supports the rare use of appropriate corporal punishment when needed.  The American College of Pediatricians is cheaper to join as well.  In this analogy, which organization is the taxi and which is the cable car?


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