The Facts of Life

dad with son on shouldersArnold Glasow famously said, “Telling a teenager the facts of life is like giving a fish a bath.”  As a parent, I remember dreading when I would have to give “the talk.”  However, I knew that kids learn earlier than ever these days  and I wanted him to hear it from me  So as a dutiful father, I sat my young son down and discussed it all… in great detail.  I went over everything from conception to birth.  I could not believe the feeling of relief that I had afterwards, knowing that task was behind me.  I will never forget that day.  My son was six months old.

Okay.  Only kidding.  I believe that when a child asks a question about sex, the parent should answer accurately but with as little detail as possible.  When they are ready for more detail, they will ask for it.  My son asked “where do babies come from?” and I answered, “They grow inside the tummy area of the mommy,” and he left happy.  The day eventually DID come on a move from one state to another.  Since we had to drive 2 cars, Mom drove one and Dad the other and our child took turns in each car.  On one leg of the trip, he kept asking for more and more detail so indeed I did discuss everything as prodded by his questions.  We had about three hours alone in the car.  Eventually all his questions were answered and he spent time staring wide-eye out of the car window digesting this new information.  Later we met mom at an agreed upon stop.  Our son erupted from the car running to his mother shouting.  “Mom you will NEVER believe where babies come from!”  I guess he expected her to be surprised?

Happy Father’s Day!

Good resources to assist you when speaking to your children about the facts of life:

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One Response to “The Facts of Life”

  1. Alfred E. Neuman June 15, 2014 at 4:49 pm #

    There is nothing better than the innocence of children!! If only we could keep that forever 🙂

    My favorite response from a child after hearing ‘The Talk’ and how babies are made, was an 8 year old that told his dad (one of my good friends who has 4 children), “Dad….really….you mean to tell me that you and mom did that 4 times !?!?!”

    Too funny!!

    Thank you for the Father’s Day encouragement, it’s the greatest calling of my life!!

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