The Media and Sex

turn off the tvMost parents would say that they would do anything possible to protect their children from sexual exploitation.  In an article “Sex Between Young Teens and Older Individuals: A Demographic Portrait” (Child Trends Research Brief, September 2005 at by Manlove J, Moore K, et al.) the authors presented evidence that large doses of television watching was associated with early sexual activity among teens.  Yet many folks continue to let their children have almost unlimited screen time.  That reminds me of the old joke about the young man bragging to his girlfriend about how much he loved her.  He could swim oceans, climb mountains, etc., just to be by her side.  Of course the punch line was that he would visit this weekend “as long as it doesn’t rain.”  We know that excessive television watching is associated with obesity, aggression and now, early sexual activity.   How much effort does it take to turn off the tube?

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  1. Michelle February 10, 2014 at 2:09 pm #

    Anecdotally, speaking for myself as a parent and for my patients’ families who have done this, I find that it takes determination and persistence for parents to enforce a “no tech Monday through Thursday” rule, but the rewards are well worth the effort! When a firm voice fails, I recommend unplugging TVs, computers, and locking away I-Pods & laptops. Yes – this means that mom & dad follow the same rule (with the exception for adult work needs and/or to view the news). Generally speaking, once a parent literally unplugs the household, he or she doesn’t have to do it again for a good long time. Kids and parents will learn to love using their imaginations and playing outside both alone and with each other!

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