The purpose of the M(aintenace) O(f) C(ertification)

I just got my scores back from my pediatric recertification test.  I passed much above the mean, thank you very much.  Upon taking the test, you must agree NOT to reveal any specific questions.  However, there were some questions where I KNEW what answer they wanted but I disagreed.  I felt that the “correct” answer was neither moral nor in the best interest of children (think emergency contraception).   I held my nose and picked the answer that I knew they were wanting.  If you do that kind of thing enough, the morally wrong answer becomes more acceptable to you. Now frankly I am of the opinion that the major purpose of the MOC is to line the pockets of folks associated with the ABP.  However, I think another purpose is to mold pediatricians more in line with the politically correct ideas of those same folks.  I suspect that with time, the MOC testing will become more and more politically correct.  Eventually only the most politically correct will be capable of passing.  Those of us that have moral scruples against some of these issues will be removed from the equation as our ability to practice diminishes.

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  1. Quentin Van Meter August 12, 2013 at 1:41 pm #

    It never ceases to amaze me what is either intentionally left out of in depth analysis of causes of prematurity (such as abortion being directly associated with premature delivery with subsequent pregnancies). Likewise, any “thorough” analysis of same sex attraction seems to summarily dismiss therapies aimed at re-establishing opposite sex attraction as completely harmful and never successful. I can clearly see the day when sticking with true science and moral precepts will be the cause of withholding certification.

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