I read the cutest story the other day about a family who started a spontaneous family tradition by celebrating Christmas on Labor Day. The family spent Labor Day doing a lot of things they normally do on Christmas including decorating a small tree, buying gifts for each other (at the dollar store), drinking hot chocolate, and watching a Christmas movie. Each child in this family has never forgotten the day they celebrated Christmas on Labor Day.

I think it’s good for all of us to ask ourselves if we are making memories that our children will cherish throughout their lives. Family traditions bring us together and give us an identity as a family. Children often look forward to certain times of the year because of them. They are important! What’s so great about family traditions is that they can be simple and easy and still have a great impact on everyone involved. Family traditions can also be daily, weekly, monthly, during holidays, etc. If you need help brainstorming, there are many ideas that can help you get started here.

Our children will inevitably grow up, leave home, and may start families of their own someday. What a joy it will be to relive the memories of when everyone was together, taking part in special family traditions.


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