Vote Best for Children

As our Local, State and National elections fast approach, and as early voting is about to open in many States, the American College Of Pediatricians (ACPeds) renews its call to “Elect Candidates Who Support the Best for Children.

As we step to the ballot box we must note that those for whom we vote work for us. We elect them to guide our country for all our benefit, not just theirs. We don’t vote for the debt burden that will befall our children, they do. A majority of us object to the unrestricted killing of infants before their birth, why don’t a majority of our elected officials? A bit more than 500 federal officials and countless others at the local and state levels burden children and families while often exempting themselves.

We the People have the right and ability to change this. The American College of Pediatricians offers guidance to voters in its statement “Elect Candidates Who Support the Best for Children.” Dr. Joseph Zanga, the author of the statement, urges all Americans to “Please use your power to elect leaders who will put the needs of children first.”