What Marriage is All About

marriage proposalBefore reading the following post, I encourage you to watch this short video clip from a show we all used to watch and love:


Mrs. Huxtable gave Elvin a great piece of advice about marriage. It is about each person giving 50/50. At different points in my own marriage, I have been given a different piece of advice that helped me take Mrs. Huxtable’s bit to the next level. Rather than each person giving 50 and expecting 50 in return, each person should give 100 and expect nothing in return. In the workplace, we often say that we give 100% of our efforts to do a good job. What about our marriage though? A good marriage takes constant work and effort to keep going in the right direction. Try it this week. Give 100% of your efforts to making your marriage better than it was the week before. Leave a comment with your experience below!

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